• Quality disposable gloves for personal hygiene and the healthcare industry.
  • Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

    Our pre-powered or powder-free gloves are designed to be perfectly anatomical
    for comfortable wrinkle-free fitting.

  • Latex Examination Gloves

    Our pre-powered or powder-free gloves are available in
    different models and sizes.

  • We also deal with

    Long sleeve pre-powdered or powder-free gloves
    for Gynecological, Vererinary, Industrial purpose.

Medical Disposables Supplier

We deal with a wide range of medical disposables for personal hygiene and the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals ranging from nurses, caregivers, surgeons, dentists and lab technicians are required to wear either Exam Gloves or Surgical Gloves according to their job description. Enjoy our crucial dimensions which includes quality, affordability and availability.

Who We Are?

We are experts in this industry with over many years of experience. What that means is you are going to get right solution.


Our Approach

Our growth approach is to have strategic partnerships and a maximum reach of cost effective medical disposables across India.


Solutions & Services

Best-in-class offerings drive better patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, cost savings, and clinician satisfaction.




Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves are always sterile and are more specifically sized and designed to allow better precision and sensitivity.


Examination Gloves

Examination gloves are the norm whenever there is a procedure where sterility and cleanliness is needed.


Veterinary Gloves

Veterinary Gloves in Latex, Non-latex, Nitrile and more, used by vets for examinations, surgery or just general animal handling.