Industrial Gloves

We categorise the range of Industrial Gloves to help you zero in on a hand-protection solution more quickly than searching by type, narrowing your search to gloves that meet the specific needs of your occupation. The range of Industrial Gloves includes Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Glass Handling, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metal, Food Processing. Keep your hands protected and warm in cold weather with our wide selection of men's work gloves.
Industrial Gloves
Aerospace Gloves
General Purpose Gloves for Aerospace comes in snug fitting with a choice of palm finishes. These aerospace gloves include highest rated and top sellers for workers who need high dexterity and touch sensitivity for precision work. Hand protection is a serious hazard when working with moving parts and when it comes to precision work, a close fit is essential for both dexterity and touch sensitivity. Cut-Resistant Gloves for Aerospace available from ASTM level-1 to 4.
Agriculture Gloves
A wide range of occupational hazards exist in agriculture, farming and ranching, necessitating an equally wide range of hand protection options. Our General Purpose Agriculture Gloves include highest recommended and top sellers for farm & horticulture workers who need abrasion or cut resistant gloves. These comes with a wide range of protection for cut, abrasion, chemical, heat, cold, puncture, and chainsaw. Chemical-Resistant Gloves for Agriculture with good chemical and puncture resistance.
Automotive Gloves
All our automotive gloves are developed with extensive real-world testing. Disposable Automotive Gloves with variety of 4-8 mil single use gloves. Many powder-free, textured for increased grip, in black or blue Nitrile that resists tears, snags and punctures. Metal Stamping Gloves is the one with high abrasion and cut protection exclusively for metal stampers. Wide variety of styles like increased grip, high dexterity, touch sensitivity, palm coated for cut, fine-gauge string, nylon or composite knits available for high dexterity or touch sensitivity. Automotive Assembly Gloves, Automotive Painting Gloves, Anti-Static Electronics Gloves for Automobile Works, Plastics Injection & Moulding Gloves, Cut-Resistant and Heat-Resistant Sleeves in a variety of lengths available.
Construction Gloves
We carry the best construction gloves and the best fingerless work gloves at the lowest prices with fast shipping. Our big selection of gloves includes rugged wear insulated work gloves for cold weather use in the harshest conditions as well as men's leather work gloves. General Purpose Construction Gloves is the most recommended and top selling for various construction related fields. Concrete Gloves are available for workers mixing, pouring, sculpting or handling concrete or cement. Electrical, Flooring, Masonry, Plumbing, etc are several major sectors within this industry with an immense usage of gloves.
Electronics Gloves
Electronic Gloves are soft and durable gloves perfect for inspection or light work. This glove features a reversible cut and sewn style, allowing the glove to fit either hand. This feature ensures a longer life for the glove. Anti-static nylon and carbon filament ESD gloves is used to dissipate electrostatic charges. Anti-static gloves are low-linting, making them excellent fit for cleanroom, paint, and electronics jobs. While workers need protection from cut and optimal grip in light oil, gloves are primarily used to protect the product from both contamination and static buildup.
Glass Handling Gloves
Protection for workers handling raw glass must need excellent cut resistance, solid grip, and in some cases heat resistant gloves. Protection against the multiple hazards in the bottling industry. Dual protection against slippage and cut. Choice of styles offering non-marring grip or stellar puncture resistance.
Oil & Gas Gloves
Oil & Gas gloves are designed to protect roughnecks in the oil fields and offshore with critical impact resistance, cut resistance, and flame resistance. Oil and gas drilling operations expose rig hands to numerous on-site hazards ranging from blunt force impact and pinching injuries to severe abrasions and lacerations, day in and day out.
Steel and Metal Fabrication Gloves
Steel and Metal fabrication industry gloves provide high cut or puncture resistance to protect hands and arms from common hazards like cuts, slashes, metal burrs, sharp or pointy metal object. Also available in palm coated gloves to provide additional palm and finger protection with improved grip when handling oily or greasy metal or parts.
Food Processing Gloves
We offers a wide variety of gloves to service many applications including food processing, food preparation, meat processing, bakeries, food safety, and commercial cooking. Food Processing Gloves that offer protection from contamination, as well as worker protection against puncture, thermal and cut hazards. Each food processing or service application demands unique product protection and glove properties. Single-use food preparation gloves available in materials like polyethylene, latex, nitrile or clear vinyl from 2 mil to 15 mil thicknesses.

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